MILE | MN Author Project

The Minnesota Library Foundation currently supports two major projects: the Minnesota Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE) for the Minnesota Library Association and the Minnesota Author Project contest for MN Writes MN Reads.

two women sitting on floor of library
image by freepik

The Minnesota Library Foundation has been a primary funder for the Minnesota Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE) since its inception in 2005. MILE was conceived as a project to grow a cadre of library leaders among Minnesota’s library staff. Applicants are selected to participate in a three-day institute with a follow-up two-year commitment for fostering networking, diversity, inclusion, and professionalism within the state’s libraries.

The Minnesota Author Project contest developed as a pathway to publicize the work Minnesota’s libraries do in fostering local authors and offering free digital access to community created content. This is the fourth year celebrating the contest, which recognizes the best indie-published authors in Minnesota. The Minnesota Library Foundation joins with Biblioboard in providing prizes to the winning authors in adult fiction, young adult fiction, and community created works.